RALPH REED COMMANDS EVANGELICALS to "Render to God & TRUMP" - Christian moral imperative to vote TRUMP 2020

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Internet explodes after evangelical leader Ralph Reed commands Christians to ‘render to God and Trump’

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October 9, 2019
By Matthew Chapman

On Wednesday, Politico reported that Faith and Freedom Coalition founder Ralph Reed has authored a book initially titled “Render to God & Trump,” arguing that Christians have a moral imperative to vote for President Donald Trump in 2020.

The publisher has clarified that this title is being changed — but not before commenters on social media weighed in on the absurdity of Reed’s implication that Trump was somehow equal with God:
Charlie Sykes

"Render to God & Trump"

Not a parody. https://twitter.com/GabbyOrr_/status/1181920709469249537 …
Gabby Orr

SCOOP: Faith & Freedom head Ralph Reed is writing a book on why Christians “have a moral obligation” to back Trump in 2020. The original title was “Render to God & Trump,” but his publisher told me that has since changed


Trump's going to be pretty mad he didn't get top billing


Oct 2009
Dances on the edge of the law. Pastors are required to stick to issues and advocacy positions, if they tell their flock to vote for a particular person, they risk losing tax-exempt status. Probably, he's banking on that, it will generate tons of free publicity and Mnuchin's IRS is not likely to follow up on the matter in a serious way.