Rapid Rise Of Domestic Terrorism - The Horrid Dream Of Murky Angel Is Coming True

Jan 2011
" Rapid Rise Of Domestic Terrorism - The Horrid Dream Of Murky Angel Is Coming True "

* Persistent Violent Under Ground *

The number of terror-related investigations opened by German police this year jumped from 250 to 1,000 in 2016 – a dramatic increase in a country still reeling from a string of deadly terrorism attacks.

This year’s jump in terror-related investigations reflects the fear that some of the 890 Germans who joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq may be returning to Germany now that ISIS has lost virtually all the territory it occupied. With an Islamic caliphate no longer feasible, the military mission in the Middle East is less attractive and is being redirected to terrorist attacks in Europe.

* Surrendering Civil Liberties For Facilitation Of Ideological Psychosis *

When it came to recruiting foreigners to flee the comforts of home for the battlefields of Iraq and Syria, ISIS succeeded like no other — encouraging more than 40,000 fighters from more than 110 countries to travel to the fighting fray both before and after the declaration of the “caliphate” in June 2014. Subsequently, authorities have warned about the threat of returning jihadists to their homeland ...

The report asserts that for the United States, 129 fighters succeeded in leaving the country and only seven have returned.

Of the 5,000 residents of the European Union who flocked to Iraq and Syria, a quarter are alleged to have returned home. But in the UK, that figure was closer to half, with some 425 of the 850 fighters who left Britain to join the self-styled caliphate back on home soil. Around 5,000 left from Central Asia, of which just 500 — 10 percent — have also returned.

The countries with the highest number of foreign fighters included Jordan at 3,000 (around 250 returned), France at 1,910 with 271 back and Morocco at 1,623 with 198 having gone home. Meanwhile, 400 of Russia’s 3,417 fighters are estimated to be back on their native soil, 147 of the 1,300 Tajikistan fighters, 800 of Tunisia’s 2,926, none of the 1,200 from Uyghurs — in China’s western Xinjiang region — have returned and none of the 1,500 from Uzbekistan are believed to have crossed back into their motherland.
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