REAL collusion: Democrat lawyers met with FBI to share notes on Russia allegations before FISA warrant was issued


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Jan 2008
That makes no sense...Hillary the fBI failed handing over the 2016 election - which you seem to think is how people get elected.

Do you ever read and UNDERSTANTAND YOUR trend of thought???
So the FBI handed the election to TRUMP......not HRC, right?
Oct 2018
You think the fBI had the ability to elect a president?

Well, we can see some logic when discussing the Trump campaign,..

Trump announces Clinton email were coming
Wiki leaks bombards their site with what they identify as new Clinton emails
Honesty and a man who stands up for the Constition and the thee braches of government - FBI's Mr. Comey announces they would be looking at the emails
Public and officals see nothing but dups and falke in the new clinton email (coutesy of Russia) Trump dirty trick
Trump won.

You might have a point.

BTW...we all know when Trump is arrested, we will see every tattooed Hell's Angle members alive, protesting and calling it a Clinton plot...OMG - we all know it's true.