"Regardless of party"

Nov 2015
No you can change the negative to a positive by standing up and fighting for the right thing
It's obvious you didn't grasp the concept of the quote. You need to challenge the unhelpful thoughts and beliefs to improve your emotional regulation development and your personal coping strategies.
Apr 2012
Speaking of clusterf^%ks, nothing can compare with the images of Trump in Finland or the unprecedented indoctrination by you righties and by your heroes in the GOP as they cower in the presence of the most inhuman and most prolific liar ever to stain the office of the president. I wonder what you'll have to say when the truth so obvious to thinking people becomes obvious even to you. This is the most corrupt and treasonous president and administration in American history. And he has played you and your fellow low IQ voters like the fools that he knew you were. Oh, sweet blindness.
What about Trump insisting on appearing before and adoring cult while the strongest hurricane ever struck Florida. He did not want to upset those paid for fans.
Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
I bet you thought the show 'last man standing' was gone for good - be afraid - very afraid. The near future is looking very bleak for those that think getting
nastier and meaner is the best way to gain more control (seats).

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Utter drivel..

There's no evidence that Theodore Roosevelt actually said that "to anger a conservative, lie to him. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth."
Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
I could care less if he said it...The comment speaks to the truth...and I love Teddy and all he stood for.
Another lie, you hate what Teddy stood for, Progressivism...

As President, Roosevelt pushed executive powers to new limits, arguing that the rise of industrial capitalism had rendered limited government obsolete.

Roosevelt’s stewardship theory unmoored presidential power from the Constitution and made it directly accountable to the people.

Roosevelt continued until his death to press for Progressive reforms that would move the country closer to the social democracies of Europe.
Theodore Roosevelt: Progressive Crusader

Ian Jeffrey

Council Hall
Mar 2013
Vulcan, down the street from Darth Vader
No, the reason liberals keep losing elections is because their message only resonates with overly emotional dingbats.
And yet conservatives are the ones appealing to people's baser emotions.
I'd contend that your incompleteness has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with intellect.
You lack the intellectual capacity to make such a judgment, as does carpe diem.
Jan 2011
San Diego, CA
And yet conservatives are the ones appealing to people's baser emotions.

You lack the intellectual capacity to make such a judgment, as does carpe diem.
You can just feel the love.

Conservatives believe personal responsibility, accountability are virtues, that we should become a colorblind society.

Liberals use the passions of the people to incite hatred...labeling anyone they hate as racists, misogynists, bigots etc...inciting class warfare and openly hating on people based solely upon their gender and skin color.
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