Relic thought to be from Jesus' manger arrives in Bethlehem

May 2013
N Oregon Coast
So.....a bona fide fake? How fitting!

One day, thousands of years from now, recordings of my numerous "crank-calls" will be revered by scholars as the "sacred I-phone epoch proclamations."

Get what you are saying, though. Be on the lookout for Moses' "authentic burning bush."
Hey - Is your real name "Bart"? :)

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May 2013
N Oregon Coast
Have you ever thought about how one could verify this was the relic they claim it to be? In order to do so, you must first prove Jesus lived. There is no direct evidence that he even existed let alone was a baby in that crib.
Faith Bay-Bee ... BLIND Faith!! :cool:

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Jul 2013
On a happy trail
I once read that animal mangers in that area were generally carved out of stone rather than made from the precious wood from the area. Also animals tend to eventually eat their wooden mangers. Especially sheep and goats.

The wood should be able to be carbon dated but that means destroying some of it. And of course carbon dating is only an approximate dating method.
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Sep 2012
So we are supposed to believe that Mary had Jesus and saved his crib and then someone took the crib and saved it for 2000 years along with a certificate of we have similar wooden objects from famous people of the day whose legacies were more thoroughly preserved? For instance, do we have Augustus's wooden relics? Perhaps a wooden throne from Cleopatra?