Relief work continues after Irene

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Jul 2011
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Relief work continues after Irene

Relief work continues after Irene | Courier-Post |

Though applications for post-Hurricane Irene aid in the form of emergency food stamps are no longer being accepted, social workers are swamped with paperwork and uncertain about the number of tri-county residents who have received help.

In Burlington County, for example, about 14 percent of the 1,650 applicants who filed between Sept. 12 and Sept. 20 have received aid, said spokesman Ralph Shrom. In Camden and Gloucester counties — where social workers are still processing — the number of actual recipients to date is unknown.

What is known is that few were rejected; applicants were not required to produce proof of loss. Under the emergency program, funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, aid arrives in the form of a debit card loaded with enough money to feed a family for a month. The amount is consistent with guidelines for the regular food stamp program ranges: from $200 for one person to $1,208 for a family of eight.

Rich, poor, whatever, Apparently if you didn't prepare for the hurricane, the government is responsible for your spoiled food..... This is maddening. This is not "aid" but a free money handout.

Since when is the Government in charge of your spoiled food?
Jul 2011
Well they're responsible for your dogs why not our food, we Americans often cannot even untie and take Fido with us during evac. Sean Penn even had to go save dogs in New Orleans if you remember.:f_erm: