Religion is manmade

Dec 2014
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Most of these authors wrote their own piece on their own with no knowledge of what the other were writing or had written.
That is quite an unique claim to an historian, as the stories circulated through oral histories which were quite an industry in the ancient world. Travelling Bards learned entire texts such as the Iliad and other stories and recited them before groups or dinner parties and the like. They were entertainers and these stories were widely known. later, Jewish scribes residing in Alexandria collated and wrote out the earliest texts which went into scholarly circulation throughout the ancient world via libraries.

Where did you get such a tale from? A pastor? The OT is a collection of myths and legends relevant to the foundation and development of the Jewish nation ~ of course they were well known. I give you the Dead Sea Scrolls as evidence of my point ~ many biblical texts were corroborated by this collection.
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I once opined (many years ago) that if man had not invented G-d, it would be necessary for him to exist naturally. (Gave it to an author who has yet to publish book 5, which I've been waiting quite some years for...)
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Of course it is. The lazier, yet quicker elements of a tribe made themselves into a priestly class by inventing religions in order to sponge off the rest of the tribe.

Transpose this phenomenon into nations.
And to the grand televised preachers on TV.
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People invented supernatural beings to explain the scary things in their lives. Conmen figured out that manipulating this could lead to wealth and power and thus organized religion was born.

Look at Trump, the Vatican treasury and the US Megachurches for proof.
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The OT was known but not the NT as it was being written.

You don't find that odd that all those authors didn't contradict one another in any way?

Very hard to pull off.

You could sit 20 authors in a room, explain the story they are to write divided into 20 parts then send them on their way and I can guarantee you that they couldn't pull off what happened with the Bible. Their story would be a miss mash of trash.

This is just a fact you can't dispute.

These were either the luckiest authors in the history of mankind or they had divine guidance.
Nov 2010
I don't know why folks find this objectionable, but it's the truth.
Every religion the world over is man made.
Mormon is just the latest example.
They find it objectionable because they don' want to believe it. The ridiculous things is there was a lot of different religions before the 3 major ones in the history of humanity.
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