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Jul 2011
Was just reading about this Elena Ustinova, a martial arts champion

and also the only woman in a special paramilitary unit within the FSIN (Russian Federal Penitentiary Service) in Siberia

If there is a riot or mutiny in a prison camp, and the regular guards are overwhelmed or otherwise unable to deal with it themselves, these are the guys, and gal, in this case, who are sent in to deal with it.

Mind you, there are plenty of women working in FSIN overall

Mostly, they guards the female prison camps

Because, you know, it would be weird and improper to have male officers going through female prisoners' underwear and such, during pat downs and room searches and whatnot ;)

However, a woman working at a MALE camp, dealing with guys like this every day lol

Unheard of, over there...

Let alone a woman on their version of SWAT...

In the interview I read, she says she had to fight like hell to get her position, and has to constantly keep herself in 100% shape, more so than the boys: "They [her male squad mates] only respect you, as a woman, as long as they know you can beat the hell out of each one of them..." :D

One of her favorite past times, is training young people, especially females, how to defend themselves

And yet, for all that, she remains a woman, a loving wife and mother

who, like many women over there, somehow manages to wear high heels in bloody SNOW

Remarkable lady. In my opinion - a great role model for young girls there. Hell, and boys, for that matter...

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