Remember When Obama Proposed Sending Illegals to Jeff Session's Home County?


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You of all people have no room to talk. You are one of the most tribalist posters on the site. It asounds me that you could make this post with a straight face.
Yeah, you're all about the person. The individual and the content of their character.

We could all learn a lot from you.
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It really is shocking isn't it.

One would think .... after decades of things NEVER going their way or turning out the way that they thought ....

That these Leftist Extremist would question their sources of information.

But ...... Not a chance.

It's full throttle ahead with the Willful Ignorance.

Seems that the Iraq war went pretty much as we leftists predicted.
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Quid Pro Quo

People are just not used to a President having a "return fire" mentality and that is willing to stand up the completely expose the Hypocrisy of the "Leftists."
No, people are not used to a President that thinks like a snotty teen-ager, If even that mature.

NOTHING is ever his fault, his responsibility. Plus there's the "but MOM, THEY did it FIRST!" rationalization.
It'sz fucking ridiculous.
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