Removal By Xmas?

May 2007
Houston, Texas
Lets also not forget Trump is cornered. He leaves office he can be prosecuted. So he wants desperately to stay in the office. He is going to do just about anything to retain that power.
It's not what Trump wants, it what the citizens will allow. When and if it gets unbearable things will change, one way or the other.
Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Haley would probably be a sure-fire win. The question is whether she would run in the event of a Trump downfall. I had assumed she was waiting for 2024 - she is young enough and certainly has the time.
I think she definitely is one of the ones who will be rebuilding the GOP post Trump along with Ben Sasse, Marco Rubio etc.
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Jan 2012

Trump has no endurance. He'll become more volatile in the coming days and weeks.

Republican senators will desert him out of fear they will not be re-elected.

Less than 30 days.

JMO, obviously.

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