Rep Charlie Dent R-PA will retire in May, not wait until January

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Kind of strange?

The announcement that Rep. Charlie Dent, R-PA., is going to retire in May has thrown Pennsylvania politics into chaos. With Dent gone, the race will be on to see who replaces him for the few months before the regular election in November.

In departing two-thirds of the way into his term, Dent leaves the state of Pennsylvania with a confusing decision about how to fill the vacancy of a seat that won’t even exist in the next Congress.

According to the Pennsylvania Secretary of State’s office, the state’s election code requires the governor to call a special election “when the vacancy occurs during a session of Congress or if the vacancy occurs at a time when Congress is required to meet any time prior to the next general election.” In other words, Dent’s seat can’t just remain vacant for the rest of the congressional session, and there will have to be a special election. The governor has within 10 days of the vacancy to set the special election date, which must occur at least 60 days after the governor issues the writ.

Since it’s getting a little late in the calendar, the governor could decide to save taxpayer dollars and hold the special election concurrently with the general election in November.
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