Repealing the Second Amendment – is it even possible?

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Nov 2008
Washington state
Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens called for a repeal of the Second Amendment in a New York Times op-ed Tuesday, and he urged demonstrators pressing for gun control to do the same. His bold proposal has prompted many questions about whether such a fundamental change to the U.S. Constitution is legally – let alone politically – possible.
"For over 200 years after the adoption of the Second Amendment, it was uniformly understood as not placing any limit on either federal or state authority to enact gun control legislation," Stevens wrote.
That changed in 2008, when the Supreme Court ruled in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller that there is an individual right to bear arms. Stevens was one of four dissenters.

Experts say there are two ways to go about it. The first process requires that any proposed amendment to the Constitution be passed by both the House and the Senate with two-thirds majorities. It would then need to be ratified by three-fourths of the 50 states – or 38 of them.
Historically, that's proved challenging.
The "arduous process has winnowed out all but a handful of the amendments proposed over the past 230 years," Ron Elving, senior editor and correspondent on the Washington Desk for NPR News, wrote earlier this month.
In the history of the United States, the only amendment that's ever been repealed is Prohibition. The 21st Amendment, in 1933, repealed the 18th Amendment, of 1919, which prohibited the making, transportation and sale of alcohol.
McMahon told CBS News it's "very unlikely" that the Second Amendment could ever be repealed.
"It's hard enough for gun control legislation to be passed now in the Congress which requires simply a simple majority," he said.
A repeal would require "a sea change" in how Americans think about gun control and the right to bear arms, McMahon said.
"I would never say it's impossible," but "it is very difficult to enact a constitutional amendment," he said.

Retired Justice Stevens suggested repealing the 2nd Amendment , finally speaking for what this movement wants. Do you think its possible and if so, do you think it would stop mass shootings like we have seen the last 20 years. Explain how you think this would work.
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Oct 2009
We don't need to repeal the Second Amendment to adopt a new direction on guns in this country.

The government gets to define what are "arms" (i.e., not machine guns, not bombs, not missiles, not other heavy weaponry) and who is part of the "well-regulated militia."

Both are longstanding, well established legal principles in full force today. Only absolute reactionary extremism has sought to undermine them.
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Jun 2014
United States
Misleading title.

Of course it is possible to repeal the 2nd amendment.
Technically, I think we'd have to pass a new amendment which nullified the 2nd, as we did with the 21st Amendment, which effectively repealed the 18th. That said, I agree with Singularity, in that the 2nd Amendment in no way prevents firearm regulations from being implemented.
Nov 2008
Washington state
I will add this. To repeal the 2nd Amendment in a GOP majority in Congress, Senate and Trump makes this impossible. Add the fact the Supreme Court could have one more Conservative to the court in the next few years would make it ever more of a challenge. This country would need a Revolution where the children (like the ones in the March) to take over our government and physically create a new government, new laws and abandon the Constitution as we know it. Possible? Maybe in a Liberal wet dream.