Report: Alex Acosta Said He Was Told Jeffrey Epstein 'Belonged to Intelligence' And 'To Leave It Alone

Jul 2013
On a happy trail
Slap his wrist for what Winning an election against a racist Al Gore.
You can't even focus on the topic can you? Its about Acosta. Did not say a thing about any election except one brother was the US President and the other brother was the Florida Governor when this incident occured. Your need to deflect indicates your intent to lie and deceive.
Jul 2011
“Stay Down”
Trump already is involved despite all the sleepless nights I spent; tossing and turning and hoping to hope that Trump wasn't involved, but he is. Why, why must I always be victim of circumstances over which I have no control; why is the world so damn cruel, aaahhhhrrg!?

How is he involved?