Report: Alex Acosta Said He Was Told Jeffrey Epstein 'Belonged to Intelligence' And 'To Leave It Alone

Jan 2019
Interesting, and a 'best selling author' no less.

I think this one is great:

Report: Trump Considering Tucker Carlson For Vice President
President Donald Trump is considering Tucker Carlson as his Vice Presidential pick for 2020, according to a new report.

Perhaps Pence needs to find a way to be even more sycophantic.



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This is an interesting observation.

It’s quite hard to know what to make of this claim. As one of my colleagues just pointed out to me the dialog itself seems more out of Hollywood that something you’d hear from a former US Attorney. On it’s face this sounds like second or third hand information, which puts some question over its reliability and may explain the movie script dialog. More importantly, Acosta is hardly a reliable fact witness in this case. He has every reason to deflect responsibility for the deal he made with Epstein. Finally, it seems highly improbable that Epstein “belonged to intelligence”.

What does seem plausible though is that Epstein had many very high profile defenders and that this somehow translated into message to back off or to make the situation go away with as little publicity and pressure on Epstein as possible. We can blame Acosta for the deal he cut. But that doesn’t explain why he did. Getting told to back off or hearing directly from a bunch of Epstein’s high roller friends sounds like a logical supposition.

It certainly seems worth asking under oath what Acosta told transition officials when he was angling for and getting his current cabinet position.
“I Was Told Epstein ‘Belonged to Intelligence’ And to Leave It Alone.”

Yep. Someone needs to get Acosta under oath.
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This is an interesting observation.

“I Was Told Epstein ‘Belonged to Intelligence’ And to Leave It Alone.”

Yep. Someone needs to get Acosta under oath.
Definitely think Acosta was the young guy who got orders from the elders in the smoking room. Its like those bad movies where they all sit around a table drinking scotch and smoking cigars and somebody says "and so it will be." Like I have said before, this goes way way up and most likely implicates very powerful men. They arent going to go down and did what they had to at the time to stop this. It now reappearing makes me wonder what they will do now?
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