REPORT: Fusion GPS founder reveals Steele dossier memos made it all the way to “President Obama”

Dec 2014
The Milky Way
Of course Øbama knew.

It’s being reported by Paul Sperry that Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson has written in his new book that he was hired in 2015 to investigate Trump AND that memos about their infamous phony Steele dossier made it all the way to Obama:




Apr 2010
Also it’s funny that “therightscoop” is trying to make a story out of this. We know Obama was briefed in the dossier’s existence. So was Trump....that’s how the whole story got started....
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Sep 2016
My own world
You have just confirmed you never read the Mueller report:

Trump was briefed about the Steele Dossier by Comey before Trump took office. Do you really think that
Trump would be briefed before when he was just President elect and Obama wouldn't be briefed while he WAS President? FFS.

The special counsel's report cites a memo drafted by then-FBI Director James Comey about his private briefing on the dossier to Trump on Jan. 6, 2017. Citing the memo, the footnote reads that Comey briefed Trump on the salacious nature of the tapes allegedly from his 2013 Moscow trip for the Miss Universe Pageant.

Sep 2019
dfw, texas
Steele did send a copy to one of the GOP's few decent senators the last decade or so, war hero John McCain. and who the hell is Paul Sperry?