Report: Prison Worker’s Post 10 Minutes Before Media Reported Epstein’s Death: “Guy In Green Dress Military Outfit… Switched Him Out”

Dec 2014
The Milky Way
I just have to post this.

According to Intellihub, “Jeffrey Epstein was handcuffed and wheeled into medical at the Metropolitan Correctional Center at around 4:15 p.m. Friday night just before an unmarked van containing unknown military personnel showed up unannounced to “switch him out”, according to an anonymous post timestamped nearly 10 minutes prior to the actual mainstream news release of the accused sex trafficker’s death by “suicide” which hit the press Saturday morning around 8:53 a.m. on Saturday.”

Consider that the person that may have been switched out could have been dead before he was brought in considering the EMS call, which indicated the body was cold and stiff.

Report: Prison Worker's Post 10 Minutes Before Media Reported Epstein's Death: "Guy In Green Dress Military Outfit... Switched Him Out"
Mar 2012
New Hampshire
There are photos circulating on the internet from people that had cell phone cameras and were able to catch Epstein wheeled out on the gurney. They dont look like him at all. The bone structure was all wrong. Which means they were faked or they used a body double for some reason.
Jul 2019
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