Repubicans & Democrats: Stark Differences

Jun 2018
1. Immigration - Open border, globalist Democrats see it as a way of boosting their votes. Republicans see all the harms of it. (to America and the American people) Republicans are nationalists. Democrats are internationalists.

2. Asylum seekers -Democrats call them people looking to escape violence. Republicans see them as phony scammers, just looking for economic opportunity in the US, including welfare programs.

3. Mass shootings - Democrats think less guns is the answer. Republicans think more guns (in the right hands, in the right places) is the answer.

4. Islam - Democrats are willing to go along with it, as long as it represents more votes for them. Republicans oppose it, as very harmful to America.

5. LGBT - Democrats accept anything, no matter how crazy, as long as it gets them more votes (LGBT no exception). Republicans see it for what it is. Abnormality.

6. Affirmative Action - Democrats think it is righting past wrongs. Republicans think it is more wrongs (racial discrimination against whites), past and present (1965 -2018)

7. Abortion - Democrats are willing to allow any woman to get one, regardless of circumstance. Republicans see Democrats' policy as mass murder.