Republican Is Not a Synonym for Racist

Jul 2011
I guess you don’t see the humor here have called me every single insults that any eighth grader would use and yet you cloak yourself in self righteous indignation.You can give it but you can’t take it

You attack me, then cry because I called you out on it?

That's rich.

I have not called you any names other than to describe your disgusting behavior towards me, don't want your behavior to be called piggish, stop acting like a pig with your nasty lies about me supporting sexual assault. Simple as that.
Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
But...of course Antifa members aren't terrible human beings...

Of course you probably don't believe Pelosi - Waters - Holder - Obama are TERRIBLE human beings.
Yes, I do. Maybe not Obama, but certainly Pelosi. Waters hasn't yet had the decades of "service" and has been very actively pursuing Trump on the Russia questions, issuing her own subpoenas to Deutsche Bank.

Pelosi absolutely cannot claim she is confused about her purpose, which is to assist the 0.01% to oppress Americans by any means possible. Only a sociopath or psychopath could spend their careers laboring to harm their fellow man.
Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
or the same language obama, schumer, clinton all used in the last decade or so.
No. There are no traces of Hitler's voice in Democratic politicians between 1990 and 2016.

Trump's cult of personality sees his happiness as the only moral lodestar. Anything that offends or upsets him must be destroyed at all costs. Anything that pleases him must be encouraged to flourish, by any means possible. At the most benign interpretation, Trump wants a world in which the social elite are all WASPs, and he only has to interact with the elite. He still wants to be accepted by the 400 Families of NYC (the Astors, Duponts, Rockefellers,etc.)

Odds are, you and I never give these people a second thought from one year to the next and wouldn't welcome any if them into our lives. (Quite rightly. Psychopathy and severe mental illness among the ubder-rich is a fucking epidemic.)

But this acceptance is what Trump really thought would happen once he had finished Trump Tower in Manhattan. It did not, and he has never recovered from that psychic wound. (There was never any possibility Trump would be accepted into the highest echelons of Old Money in America. Apparently, he never read "The Great Gatsby".)

We're afflicted with Trump because Brook Astor would not bend her neck and include the shabby, shitty slumlord from Queens as her new best friend. I don't blame Mrs. Astor, but things COULD have been very different now if she had accepted Trump then.
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Apr 2014
or the same language obama, schumer, clinton all used in the last decade or so.
Never heard any of them called the media the enemy of the people the same way Stalin did,Never heard them refer to a group of people (infestations) the same way Hitler did.Never would any of them call neo-Nazis some fine people. Never heard the childish taunts from them. Never heard them believe Russia over our intel.