Republicans move to halt ObamaCare 'bailout' for angry unions

May 2012
By the wall
Here we go again with Obama playing fucking favorites with his union buddies. This crap really needs to stop.

Capitol Hill Republicans are trying to stop the Obama administration from offering labor unions a sweetheart deal on ObamaCare, as the White House tries to quell a simmering rebellion from Big Labor over the health care law.

President Obama and White House officials reportedly have called union leaders to try and persuade them to tone down their complaints, pledging an accommodation. The AFL-CIO, though, on Wednesday approved a resolution anyway calling the law "highly disruptive" to union plans.

But reports have surfaced on a plan that would give union workers -- and only union workers -- subsidies to help pay for health insurance even if they're covered through their job. The purported "carve-out" could soothe the simmering discontent within Big Labor. The loyal Democratic supporters and early champions of ObamaCare say they have been slighted by the act’s final regulations, which they say is pushing some employees into part-time work and threatens their health insurance plans.
Republicans move to halt ObamaCare 'bailout' for angry unions | Fox News


Former Staff
Aug 2011
Heaven Above
President Obama is greatly over stepping his constitutional authority.

There should be no opt outs.
Apr 2012
They better KILL this ILLEGAL CRAP that Obama is trying...again.

WTF does the POTUS think gives him the authority to ALTER DULY PASSED and ENACTED LEGISLATION?
Not once but so far at least 19 times

Obamacare has been amended or delayed 19 times: study - Washington Times

President Obama has already signed 14 laws that amend, rescind or otherwise change parts of his health care law, and he’s taken five independent steps to delay the Affordable Care Act on his own, according to a new report from the Congressional Research Service, released Wednesday.
The release comes as congressional Republicans are pushing for a halt or outright repeal of the whole law, and as Mr. Obama and his allies decry that as a waste of time and an effort to undermine his signature political achievement.

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