Rhode Island closed 66% of their polling places for the primary

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
The Rhode Island Board of Elections has announced that it will open only 144 of Rhode Island’s available 419 polling locations for the upcoming April 26 presidential primary. Officials are reducing the number of sites by two-thirds in an effort to cut costs, according to WPRI.

"They have apparently not learned from Arizona’s mistakes, where many voters had to wait up to five hours in line to vote after the number of available polling locations was reduced from 400 in Maricopa County in 2008 to 200 in 2012, and then further slashed to 60 during this March’s primary fiasco. The executive director of Common Cause Rhode Island John Marion had an alarmingly nervous way of expressing his support for this move, saying he was “cautiously optimistic” that the primaries would go smoothly."

"Marion said he was mostly concerned that many voters don’t even know these cuts are happening. “I don’t think enough has been done to make sure voters know that they likely won’t be casting their ballot at the same location as they did in November of 2014,” he said. Many are especially concerned with Cumberland, RI, which normally has thirteen polling locations in a general election. Next week it will only have three."

This Upcoming Primary State Just Closed 66% of Polling Places
Apr 2011
Under your skin
Are they doing this because they do not expect a large turnout or for some nefarious reason?