Rick Perry, Venture Socialist

Dec 2010
Rick Perry, venture socialist
By Charles Lane

Contrary to what you may have read, the Solyndra bankruptcy is a real scandal, even if investigators never find a single violation of law. It’s always bad policy for government to anoint particular businesses and particular products. Subsidies foster political cronyism and suboptimal allocation of resources; the proper name for lending $550 million of taxpayer money to well-connected businessmen is corporate welfare, not “building a green economy.”

This view distinguishes me from those Republicans who are denouncing the Solyndra bankruptcy but have supported similar programs during the Bush administration or pursued federal energy loans and grants for their districts.

And corporate welfare is a bad idea whether it occurs on the federal or state level. In that sense, Texas Gov. Rick Perry also ranks among the GOP’s prominent offenders.

Among Perry’s signature “job creation” programs is the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, which shoveled $260 million out the statehouse door between September 2007 and September 2010. The goal of this government spending program, as expressed on the Fund’s Website, could have been plagiarized from the Obama administration’s stimulus bill: “to grow new small businesses and existing businesses to accelerate new products and services to the marketplace.”

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This of course begs the question of why the government should subsidize ANY business. Nuclear power is a good example of a business that should be allowed to stand on its own...with no government subsidies, no loan guarantees, and no insurance caps. The taxpayer should not be on the hook for cleaning up a private sector mess...ever. End the Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act. Let energy companies that believe in nuclear energy pay the true cost of running nukes rather than protecting them from market influences and real world problems.

Am I anti-nuke? Nope. I'm anti-corporate welfare. I'm tired of these TRUE welfare queens getting fat while everyone else has to take a cut.
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