"Rifle That Won the War" on Sale Soon

Dec 2015
General George Patton called it “the greatest battle implement ever devised.” It was our nation’s first successful semi-automatic battle rifle, and it was used to defeat fascist forces from the frozen forests of Bastogne to the volcanic ridges of Iwo Jima. It is known as the M-1 Garand, thanks to its legendary designer John C. Garand. This week, the only M-1 owned by Garand himself will be offered for sale by the Rock Island Auction Company.

and Garand himself was a genuinely good guy:

Garand was known not only for his genius as a designer but also for his patriotism. He could have become a very wealthy man thanks to his rifle design but, instead, donated his patent rights to the U.S. government as a token of appreciation to his adopted homeland. According to the GCA Journal, he lived in a modest home in a middle-class neighborhood on Wilton Street in Springfield, Massachusetts, where he was known to tend his garden wearing a suit and tie. He retired from Springfield Armory in 1953 and lived in that house until he died in 1974.

This 'Rifle That Won World War II' Is Likely To Be The Most Expensive Ever
Jul 2011
Are they really that scarce? My Dad has a M1 Carbine.

Both the clinton and the obama administration destroyed most of them.
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Jul 2011

They made good rifles back then... Not only accurate, but sturdy, built to last a long time.

I remember I was shocked when saw pics of a Russian soldier in Syria, in Aleppo somewhere, I believe, with a Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle, last year

This is a weapon introduced back in 1891 (!), which Vasily Zaitsev (remember "Enemy at the Gates"?) used to take out a rival German sniper, some kind of European champion sharpshooter, in Stalingrad

Apparently, they still got many of them laying around in some warehouse, and the military still, to this day, uses them, they are still good!

Saw active use in the Donbass conflict too, by both pro-Kiev

and pro-Russia militias

John C. Garand

Sergei Mosin

Two brilliant men, right there...
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