"Rifle That Won the War" on Sale Soon

Dec 2015

They made good rifles back then... Not only accurate, but sturdy, built to last a long time.

I remember I was shocked when saw pics of a Russian soldier in Syria, in Aleppo somewhere, I believe, with a Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle, last year

This is a weapon introduced back in 1891 (!), which Vasily Zaitsev (remember "Enemy at the Gates"?) used to take out a rival German sniper, some kind of European champion sharpshooter, in Stalingrad

Apparently, they still got many of them laying around in some warehouse, and the military still, to this day, uses them, they are still good!

Saw active use in the Donbass conflict too, by both pro-Kiev

and pro-Russia militias

John C. Garand

Sergei Mosin

Two brilliant men, right there...
Sergei Mosin looks a lot like General U.S. Grant to me, and I agree those Mosin-Nagants are fine weapons:

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May 2016
South Korea was going to release it's old stocks of M1s, even give them free to the American soldiers who fought in Korea. But the Obama administration wouldn't allow it or so I heard. But the guns are over valued, probably because of collectors who buy them as an investment but not to use them. Collectors should collect used bubble gum.
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Nov 2010
San Diego...ish

French WWII rifle, never been fired, dropped once, in excellent condition.
Lol, old joke but still funny despite the fact that they were in a much worse position than the English were in at the time. You know, not living on an island separated from the rest of Europe and all.
May 2016
Not all French dropped their rifles, the Vichy French kept theirs and their guns helped in the round up of French Jews.