Righties and lefties... do you want to get along?

Apr 2018
Says the guy who supports a US political campaign employing the help of a hostile foreign government.
Lol. Hillary is the only one who "employed" the help of a hostile foreign government, to the tune of millions for a fake dossier. The term "useful idiot" comes to mind here.
Truth hurts, huh comrade?
I'm sure thinking in general hurts you, boy. What's your point?
Dec 2014
I am just posting this question because of the boycott of that music store against Trump supporters caused righties to sort of complain about it. So... that makes me wonder what people actually want. Righties can't expect lefties to get along with them while righties are bitching about lefties, and vice versa... so what do you guys really expect or want from each other?

The secret is to become a centrist and just sit back and watch the poo fly.
Sep 2011
And hey, those are kosher, too! :D
You bet!

And... I feel like Bob McAlister here...

"Wacka-do, waka-do!"

Say, let me ask you something Ian, have you ever seen "Roommates" from the early 90s?

(No... it's not "classic." :))

(see folks, this is how people get along...) (I could sit here and talk with Ian for the duration of my time here at PH... many, many posts...)

For my money, Peter Falk's best performance, it's up there!

I read the book by Max Apple, and the sequel, and geeked on the movie about ten times in a row!

Jeffrey :)
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Sep 2011
And hey, those are kosher, too! :D
I was going to add: "It has to be better than the poop sandwiches we've been handing out daily as of late..." :p

Now watch this one my friend, some criticize this as a "cameo" movie, but for my money again, the greatest performance by Edward G. and Charles Laughton before him!

(Here is actually Laughton's piece, let me include that before Manny's piece, which precedes Manny's piece in the movie, the two standout pieces from this film...)

My, my... it just reminds you of what an extremely powerful actor "Manny" was- WHAM! :zany:

I'm going to go ahead and say his greatest performance ever, the same with Charles Laughton in this movie, and I liked Eddie Anderson's character very much too!

Jeff :)
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Apr 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
How exactly do you talk to crazy? How are you supposed to have a rational conversation with irrational people! It's fucking mind blowing that descent portion of the country is in a fuckin hypnotic mind state & just believe the bullshit that comes from this narcissistic, pathalogical liar!
I don't know. How do you talk to people who think there is only one correct way to look at any political issue and they just so happen to hold those positions 100% of the time?