RINOs, Reagan Republicans, and the Alt Right: A short primer for liberals


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Because you're probably brainwashed by cultural Marxists (you do read Buzz Feed) to think white Nationalism is racism.

It's upholding the traditions and ideology that the nation was founded on.

And, I hate to make the snowflakes here cry, but every single Founding Father was a white person. This was started as a white-European country. It was intended always to be the majority. The immigration laws then would blow your mind.

Facts are facts, and are immutable, regardless of cultural Marxist PC propaganda.
There you go, #TrumpCult. Here's your chance. Link arms with ^^that^^ and out yourself as a disgusting human being or call that bullshit out for what it is.


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White nationalism is so obviously disgusting that even a white nationalist should know white nationalism is a bad thing.
At least Bannon was smart enough to try to pretend the alt right were just some blue collar dudes and gamers. It's a complete pile of shit but it's not saying "hey white nationalism isn't that bad".
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Jan 2008
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At least Bannon was smart enough to try to pretend the alt right were just some blue collar dudes and gamers. It's a complete pile of shit but it's not saying "hey white nationalism isn't that bad".
That post should get a link every time someone tries to defend, marginalize, or justify the whole alt-right thing.
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There you go, #TrumpCult. Here's your chance. Link arms with ^^that^^ and out yourself as a disgusting human being or call that bullshit out for what it is.
If white nationalism is so wholesome and wonderful, why do they have to be so coy and deceptive when discussing it?

I have never really thought about it until this thread but Free Republic certainly qualifies as a White Nationalist/Supremacist site, and I'm still a member there. They link to lots of White Nationalist sites or at least they did.
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Aug 2017
Silly, silly liberal. That's how liberals react, not conservatives.
I think I might be able to have no fun with you. Your characterization of Tea Partiers being Reagan has beens is pretty close to true. However the Tea Party is not what they bargained for. The Tea Partiers are the essence of the party of no of the Republican Party. Reagan actually did things. The Tea Partiers don't.

Now the Reagan democrats are Trumpers. But they will be disillusioned by him as well.

Your comparison of the Tea Partiers and the Rainbow Coalition are totally off. The Rainbow Coalition never went anywhere. The Tea Partiers have way more strength. And can break away and be a third party.
This of course is my dream.
It would mean many Democratic victories ahead.

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I know exactly what you said.

I just don't buy your imaginary transformation.

Reagan was the epitome of MAGA.
Yes, vote for Reagan to (federal) GOVERNMENT!!! He then became a part of what he claimed WAS the problem...... Iran-Contra, being just one example...

Dude, I grew up Republican (based on the best features of Lincoln, T Roosevelt, Eisenhower, latter Rockefellers - none of whom were perfect), The current neo republican party (neo being an oxymoron to the definition of "conservative") and was a Republican, till the neo jerks took over....I as well as many friends and family (all former Republicans) are now Independents because of jerks like you, Trump and most of the current republican representation......Even Reagan would be turning over in his grave at those who have skewed his already skewed viewpoints into what they have become today.....
When Reagan put dollars before human life and a clean environment, the Republican Party lost a bunch of people.....If today is the result of Reagan's MAGA.....you're pretty screwy in the head........ George H.W. Bush called Reaganomics (trickledown) VOODOO economics. Bush's own "read my lips" was no better....GW's ended in what, but, the worst crisis since the 30's.....and you're here trying to tell us republicans have a formula for making America Great again? For whom, but the already wealthy crooks and liars that keep using stupid people like you to perpetuate their BS and enrichment of themselves?

Either you're a paid shill or one of the ignorant people the paid shills are exploiting...

The only thing neo republicans care about is keeping their pockets stuffed with money they rip off from their fellow Americans....

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Oct 2014
I see a lot of confusion in the left about what is really happening on the right. And, why the left's tactics don't seem to work anymore.

You basically have 3 types of conservatives now. I'm leaving out Libertarians, because they can be all over the map.

1. RINOs:

Probably the smallest group calling themselves conservative. Basically, these are career politicians who are globalist liberals at heart, who are in politics to make money. They'd sell their grandmother for a nice juicy donation. They might have one or two conservative issues they believe in, but they will always be money orientated. They are what you think of when you think of greedy Republicans only interested in helping the wealthy and beholden to corporations.

There are a few non-politicians that are RINOs; some corporate heads or Neocon Israel lobbyists, but very few regular Americans.

If a RINO ends up on your side, be careful. They are traitors and will stab you in the back. 200 years ago we would have hung them, but now we're just going to primary them into oblivion.

Examples: John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake.


Okay, the above was wordy, so I'll keep this more concise. Your grandparent's conservatives. The Greatest Generation. Solid, hard working people, who could have run this country perfectly forever if it wasn't for cultural Marxists and their 1965 immigration travesty.

Reagan Republicans just did not know how the f-ck to deal with cultural Marxists.

Examples: Reagan, Bob Dole, the Tea Party.


By far the largest group of conservatives. Nationalists and patriots that put Trump in office and fully intend to take this country back and destroy cultural Marxism and globalism.

A large age demographic, but leans heavily to youth. Extremely well informed on the tactics of cultural Marxists, their media, and the neo-left. More internet savvy than any other political group. Also, the new counterculture in many ways, fighting the aging leftist establishment.

The group that has the White House and basically controls everything now. To be blunt, the leftist's worst nightmare. But, populist enough to find common ground with center-right Dems, or what they used to call Reagan Democrats.

The new face of the Republican Party, but not beholden to it.

Examples: President Trump, Steve Bannon, Henry Gorka, Stephen Miller, Sundance, MAGA
You mean republicans aren't some monolithic Borg like cult that believe in a singular concept?

*mind blown*