RNC tried to hide payments for intel gathering on Hillary Clinton

Oct 2010
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The Republican National Committee paid a low-profile firm started by an ex-CIA officer for what it claimed was building security at the RNC’s Capitol Hill headquarters. Now the RNC acknowledges that most of its payments to the firm went to intelligence-style reports that tried to connect Hillary Clinton to any conflicts of interest from her days serving as Secretary of State, Politico reported Friday.

The RNC paid a Virginia-based firm, Hamilton Trading Group, $41,500 over the course of the campaign. The RNC is now reporting that most of the money, $34,100, went to opposition research on the Democratic presidential nominee and the Clinton Foundation.

Ben Wickham, an ex-CIA officer who started the firm, told Politico that his work was initially limited to building security. He said he could not discuss other work because he was subject to a non-disclosure agreement.

RNC tried to hide payments for intel gathering on Hillary Clinton: report - Salon.com

Why would the RNC want to hide something like that?
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Jul 2014
Border Fence
RNC are the inventors of political dirty tricks. It is in their DNA. Since there is never any repercussions...they keep doing what they do best.

Republicans make folk heroes of these characters. Ollie North. G. Gorden Liddy. These are GOP Icons.

Paul Manafort is about to cross over to Sainthood.