Rocked the PC world.

Feb 2011
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Multi-millions of people with shitty music taste.
Same peeps that think Trump's a rock star. lol.
Usually the white guys you see at any show that snaps his fingers offbeat.
Could that be construed as racism towards white people? At the very least it is stereotyping. I like Kid Rock a lot better than Eminem. But I do have to say. I love the way Eminem says, "orange" in that weird anti Trump rap video he did. I try to say it that way whenever I see an orange. If you haven't heard it you have to. I swear to God it is worth it.
Sep 2007
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Trump was far more than a reality TV star. He built an empire, made millions of dollars and many people worked for him. He brought his knowledge to Washington, and showed the insiders that they were clueless about the economy.

I don't know much about Kid Rock, but he has the same rights as other celebrities to say what's on his mind.

On a personal level, I wish all of the celebrities would stay out of politics, especially at awards ceremonies.

I do like to follow James Woods twitter. Woods is very intelligent and reportedly has an IQ off of the charts.
I believe you're going to find out that most of that empire is owned by Russian banks which in turn are owned by Putin.
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Feb 2011
Ever changing
Yea, but can you snap your fingers to the beat of a song?
I'm guessing no.
Yea, but can you snap your fingers to the beat of a song?
I'm guessing no.
Hey, sometimes I drown in the "Blues" and soak in the "Soul."--LD. From a song I wrote. Love B.B. King.--Buddy Guy--Tom Cat Courtney. Check out the group, The Heavy. "Short Change Hero" is one of my favorite songs.
Nov 2014
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Kid Rock is my hero! I am going to buy all his songs I do not currently have.

If this is posted somewhere else, merge it or Vulcan mind meld it, whatever you do. Kid Rock, "God forbid you say something a little wrong; you're a racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, this that and the other. People need to calm down, get a little politically correct," And I would say, you know, love everybody. Except, I'd say screw that Joy Behar bitch.

Then when asked to apologize, he apologizes for the language but not the sentiment.


Did you know that Rush Limbaugh helped Joy Behar early in her career by getting her connected to the right people? She bashes him and Christians, and Deplorables etc.
It doesn't take much to rock the pc world. A stray fart will do it.
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