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Sep 2014
I've seen that actually. I'm no fan of Sean Penn. This isn't really going well.

My opinion on music isn't really a bother is it?
No way buddy!!! You are my favorite..
Shhhh...just don't tell. :) I thought you were a musician. I listen to just about everything just not opera or classical. Lol.
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Feb 2007
No way buddy!!! You are my favorite..
Shhhh...just don't tell. :) I thought you were a musician. I listen to just about everything just not opera or classical. Lol.
I actually listened to Bawtidaba today after participating in this thread. It reminds me of a good friend who loved KR.

I love classical music. Especially when done through a distortion pedal haha.

You're my favorite too.
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Apr 2014
Have you listened to Rap lately? Black rappers call them selves N-word and their women bitches and ho's (short for whore).
It is ok to call a woman a bitch because of free speech. The concept of Hate speech is bringing in the aspect of emotion to free speech.

The concepts of micro-aggressions, triggers, and PC only speech could easily be turned against those who now support it, by a government who ultimately decides what is or isn't acceptable. Invariably, one will find themselves on the other side of situation. I talked with a black person who said he didn't like Japs. Japs is a racially offensive term to Japanese people. The J-word if you will. I told him that under the law that was hate speech. He said, "No only hate speech applies to black people."
Wrong! Laws apply to all people(With the exception of Hillary Clinton). Now culturally, he might be right.

Tell me which of these phrases would not be allowed to remain upon a college bill board. Black Power, Native Power, Latino Power, Black Pride, Gay Pride, Asian Power, Asian Pride, White Power, White Pride.

I think it is obvious.

Tell me, why can't a person who is white and not a racist be able to be proud of his race as the others are? Because of the negative connotations of the past, or the current situations? Is that person responsible for something that happened before they were born and/or out of their control? The government that once sanctioned slavery is the same one who ended it in a brutal war that is still to this day the bloodiest war in American history. More casualties than all other wars combined. Over 600,000 Americans died in that war. Are the whites who died fighting slavery in that war racist? During the slave trade of that era Many Africans sold fellow Africans into slavery. Slavery existed long before America was even born. Due to it's youth, America was one of the last countries to enter slavery and among the first to end it.

It is terribly wrong to call a person a racist and fascist because they voted for Trump. Trump got a greater percentage of black votes than did Romney when he ran. Are those blacks racists? The notion that suddenly millions of people became fascists and racists because Trump was elected is ridiculous. If Trump is a racist he sure has a strange way of being one. Unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics the lowest in the History of our country. Hosted a well received Black youth group at the White house. Who is keeping the racist rhetoric alive then? What helped Trump win was an increase in Black voters. Why would he then treat them badly? Sure Trump is careless with his

The movements Blexit is a Black founded organization which seeks to leave the Democrat party. #Walkaway. Look that up on YouTube. Many of the walkaway stories are by Black, Hispanic etc. people. Are they racist? Both of these organizations do not encourage on the whole that people become Republican. One Walkaway story I watched was a Black man who said he was leaving the Democrat party. Asked if he was a Republican, he said no, he was a "Trumpian."
You just don’t get it. They use the N-word as an endearment not as an insult, as a familiarity. They took back the word! They can say it. It would be like a fat person making fun of himself but it is different when others make fun of him.
You can be proud of being white but again you missed the point when they talk about black pride. It is because black people are seen as inferior and they want to take pride in their race. It’s amazing how little you understand about racism
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