Rod Rosenstein shades Comey, rips MSNBC and CNN pundits after IG report released

Jan 2007
"But the Department of Justice will not prosecute Comey for the violations, the office said, after reviewing the findings in the report".

"The report also notes, though, that the IG "found no evidence that Comey or his attorneys released any of the classified information contained in any of the Memos to members of the media."

"That statement stands in direct contrast to arguments made by President Trump, who has accused Comey of illegally leaking classified information to the media."
IG report finds Comey violated FBI policy on Trump memos, DOJ declines prosecution

GREENE: "OK. So does anything happen to Comey now? Or what happens next year because of this?"

LUCAS: "Well, he gets a lot of criticism in this report. But the inspector general also says that, you know, he provided these findings to the Justice Department so that it could make a decision on whether to prosecute Comey or not. The department declined to do so. So Comey will not be charged over any of this - any of these memos. The legal side of this has concluded, so - but look; this is still political. The president may go after Comey on Twitter over this. That is just part of the political give-and-take between these two."
Justice Department Watchdog: Comey Violated Policy Related To Trump Memos

So will Trump go after anyone and everyone that does not agree to and satisfy his personal opinions?
Seems he went after the FBI when Comey's report on Clinton was very similar in its "recommendations" to not prosecute.
Trump went after Comey for that. Will he now add the DOJ to his "S*itlist for not going after Comey?

Who really is turning out to be the "FAKE" here?

"James Comey hoped leak would lead to special counsel on Russia"
James Comey hoped leak would lead to special counsel on Russia - CNNPolitics

"A list of people guilty and charged in the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election"
Mueller Indictments: Who’s Who

Ja, "just saying"
Well they did let hillary off the hook too. McCabe may be a different matter.
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Jan 2008
Wow, it's pretty sad that you wish our POTUS drop dead simply because you disagree with him. Says alot about you.

Your comments also reveal that even though Trump and his family, has been unjustly attacked for 3 years, you're ok with that.

Anotheer example of how liberals are NOT open minded and tolerant these days.
Oh please!
Adults are talking here.