Roy Moore For US Senate from Alabama!!

Apr 2014
The liberal commie infested, queer loving north ea
Actually, this is a bad joke without a punch line. The thought of him actually being elected makes me feel as though I am stuck in a thick tar of despair which hangs in the air like the stench of death. He is a disgrace to the concept of human rights, a dangerous enemy of the rule of law and an over the top insane dinosaur.

Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore Wants To Criminalize Gay Sex, Abortion

U.S. Senate candidate and former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore says he wants to criminalize gay sex and abortion, just like they did in the good old days. Moore, who has announced he is running for the U.S. Senate again, says he wants to take the U.S. back in time when gay sex and abortion were illegal. Speaking to the Huntsville Republican Men’s Group earlier this week, Moore said: We have got to go back to what we did back… Read more
Now, I have a few of questions for anyone who can support this

Would criminalizing gay sex stop gay sex, or just relegate it to the margins of society as it had been, and if the latter how would this benefit society.

How has the legalization of gay sex ( Lawrence v. Texas) and the establishment of same sex marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges) had a negative impact on anyone's life?

Do you believe that criminalizing abortion will stop abortion or, drive it underground putting women at risk.?

Please answer honestly.

Furthermore he is a vile hypocrite !

Many Alabama Republicans continue to support Moore despite the fact that in November 2017, during a Senate special election in Alabama, nine different women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct, child molestation, and pedophilia against Moore.

According to multiple reports the Alabama politician sexually abused a 14-year-old-girl and pursued many other teenage girls while in his early 30’s.