Rudy G's Kid Makes 95K As "Sports Liaison" In White House- Trump Threatens to Withhold Aid From White House Unless Investigated

Sep 2019
dfw, texas
Rudy Giuliani's son makes $95,000 as sports liaison for White ... › 2019/11/22 › rudy-giulianis-son-makes-95000-as-s...

7 days ago - President Donald Trump employs several of his family members to work within his White House administration and help him run his business.

Also, demands Inspector General look into rumors the President's son in law and daughter both get paid for who knows what by the government, without any expertise, or resume, that would justify their phony-baloney jobs.

It is about time Trump look into these charges of nepotism in the current White House administration. Kudos.

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Oct 2009
Giving do-nothing jobs to political allies, friends and other lackeys is unfortunately a longstanding trend of American politics.

It has never been removed. Some governments have kept it to an appropriate minimum, others have generally ignored the problem.

Yet outright nepotism, simply because it is so hard to conceal, has never really been an institution for us.

Rather than deal with the inherent embarrassment of having nepotism exposed, presidents and others have chosen to go out of their way to avoid it.

They might be lax on all other forms of controlling impropriety in the distribution of public offices and boons, but they have consistently restrained nepotism.

Trump is different. He not only makes no effort to avoid nepotism, he encourages it, and the standard is Nobody Cares.
Sep 2019
dfw, texas
i guess his job is to count the number of teams who refuse to meet with this assclown. that could be a full time job.