Russia interracial dating gender hypocricy

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Jul 2011
An interesting phenomenon I have noticed in Russia. While racism is somewhat widespread in that society and interracial relationships are indeed often looked down upon, men are far less penalized for it than are women.

To explain, I will show examples with celebrities.

A. Mikhail Evdokimov

Very famous actor and comedian; widely respected and even, I would say, beloved, Governor of Altai krai, in Siberia.

Was thought to be the shining example of Orthodox Christian family values, with his wife, Galina, and daughter, Anna

Then, in summor of 2005, Evdokimov is killed, when his Mercedes, travlling at over 160 km/h (it is usual for armored vehicles carrying powerful officials to travel at enormous speeds, Putin's cortege often moves at well over 200 km/h; supposedly, it is to avoid sniper assasins and such) hit a rig truck

There was a huge outpouring of grief, not just in Altai, but all over Siberia, that whole part of the country goes into mourning, signs like this are common on the streets

Women crying, men angry, many alleging Evdokimov had been fighting high-ranking coruptioners in the regional government, and they deliberately had him hit.

Then, at his funeral, his black mistress shows up

Uh-oh lol

As it turns out, Evdokimov and this Mulatto fashion model, Inna Belova, had been secretly together for years, and have a son, Daniil, together.

However, neither the fact that he was cheating on his wife, nor, even in that racially tense society, that he was doing it with a black woman, seems to have had any big impact on his reputation. People continued to love and praise him. The story with Belova was either shrugged off ("What business is it of ours anyway?"), or even taken as another of his achievements, that he was able to, simultaneously, manage not one, but two families, while also running the government, that's a real man, they said. A few actually did condemn him, but were shouted down and drowned out, by the legions of his supporters.

People donated money to build a beautiful chapel, St. Mikhail's (yes, they fucking canonized him!) on the spot where he died

Galina and Inna, meanwhile, had resolved their differences, and, apparently, became friends

"Mikhail Evdokimov's wife and lover have become best friends"
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Daniil plays with Mikhail Junior, Evdokimov's grandson, Anna's son, as Galina and another famous actor, Mikhail Pankratov-Cherniy, friend of the family, look on

They have been accepted into the clan, essentially

All is fine there now.

Now, for the contrast, case #2. This one involves Katya Putina, Tsar Vladimir's older daughter. Couple years ago, a photo found its way online, somehow sneaked past the FSB censors tasked with removing virtually any mention of Putin's family and private life. It showed Katya with... gasp! her alleged Korean boyfriend

Now, the guy was, apparently, no tramp, he was very much a reputable man, a successful, rich scientist, and son of a powerful, respected general in the South Korean military.

But, Russian internet exploded. Putin's daughter, dating some short, narrow eyed Korean!? Preposterous! How dare she embarass the Motherland this way! After awhile, it is believed her father himself had a talk with her, told her the Korean had to go, basically. Meanwhile, the state-run media blasted denials, no, the President's daughter is absolutely NOT romantically involved with any Koreans or other Asians. It was a huge scandal. She obviously did break off whatever she may have had with him, under all the pressure.

Now, it appears she is again dating a foreigner, I mentioned him here:

But, this one is some kind of white European, Dutch, so, its okay lol

Gotta love that old country, eh? lmao What a fucked up place...
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Jul 2011
By the way, that seems to have been true in other societies with widespread racism issues. As others here have mentioned in the past, in old US South, during the time of slavery, it wasn't too uncommon for slave masters to rape/sleep with female slaves. On the other hand, if a black man and a white woman had a liaison, that could end very badly for them.

This gender hypocrisy is just another reason to hate racism.