Russia Paralympians banned from Rio

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Lost the appeal:

Russia will not compete at next month’s Paralympics in Rio after losing an appeal against a ban imposed for state-sponsored doping.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) upheld the International Paralympic Committee's (IPC) ban on all Russian competitors.

The IPC made the decision after the McLaren report detailed a Russian state-sponsored doping programme.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev described the decision as "cynical".

Medvedev said "certain leaders of the Paralympic movement" wanted to "squeeze out strong competitors", and he went on to call the decision "a blow to all people with disabilities, not just Russians".

The Cas panel, which plans to publish the full grounds for its decision later, said the IPC's decision to ban the entire Russian team "was proportionate in the circumstances".

It added that the Russian Paralympic Committee did not file any evidence contradicting the facts put forward by the IPC.

The Paralympics begin on 7 September.
More here: Rio Paralympics 2016: Russia banned after losing appeal - BBC Sport

An interesting thing: Russia's able bodied Olympic athletes had the full backing of their government to defend them and force the IOC to let them into Rio. The best lawyers were provided them, paid for by the Kremlin; the government exerted pressure on all relevant bodies; and they even went as far as having, reportedly, hackers working for the Kremlin, same guys who, allegedly, broke into the DNC, attack and deface WADA's website: Same Russian hackers likely breached Olympic drug-testing agency and DNC
Russia Behind World Anti-Doping Agency & International Sports Court Hacks

The Paralympians, according to a Russian dissident journalist I listened to online today, had to rely on a certain unnamed private individual, some businessman, to pay for their defense out of his own pocket!

The Kremlin just doesn't give as much of a damn about them, except to use their current misery for anti-Western propaganda at home and abroad: Putin?s perverse win-win in the Olympic doping scandal - Vox

Russia is now halting some payments to WADA: Russia has sharply reduced contributions in the fight against doping | Last news from Russia

Russia's Minister of Sports has already threatened, days ago, to stop all financing of them altogether: Russia May Stop Financing WADA if Its Anti-Doping Agency's Rights Not Restored

They are blaming WADA for sample destruction at a Msocow lab: Doping - Russia suggests WADA ordered sample destruction at Moscow lab

And the Paralympic Team of Belarus will apparently carry the Russian flag alongside their own at the upcoming opening ceremony, in solidarity with their Russian brothers and sisters: Belarus to Carry Russian Flag at Paralympic Opening Ceremony

IPC expects to redistribute 85% of competition spots after the Russia ban: Rio 2016: IPC expects to redistribute 85 per cent of competition spots after Russia ban - beIN SPORTS
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