Russian journalist, Putin critic, dies mysteriously... yet another one...

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Jul 2011
Sergei Dorenko in 2018

Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko has died in Moscow, Russian media reported.

According to some reports, Dorenko lost consciousness as he was riding a motorcycle in the center of the capital.

TASS reported that he suffered a heart attack.

Earlier reports said he had been involved in a collision.

Dorenko, 59, was a prominent journalist in the 1990s and early 2000s. His weekly news program was canceled in 2000 shortly after it broadcast harsh criticism of the government's handling of the sinking of the Kursk nuclear submarine.

He did not work on Russian television again after that, but in recent years he had worked as editor in chief of the Govorit Moskva radio station.

He made headlines in 2007 when he released an interview that he had conducted in April 1998 with FSB officer Aleksandr Litvinenko and other FSB officers in which they confessed that they had been ordered to kill, kidnap, or blackmail prominent politicians and businesspeople.

Litvinenko died in London in 2006 of acute radiation poisoning.

British investigators established that he was poisoned with polonium 210 by Andrei Lugovoi, an officer of Russia's Federal Protection Service.

Lugovoi and the Russian government denied involvement in Litvinenko's killing.
Russian Journalist Sergei Dorenko, Who Covered Kursk Disaster, Dead At 59

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Dorenko asking Putin a question at his (Putin's) annual Direct Line teleconference session with the public in 2016

His 1998 interview with Litvinenko and two other FSB officers

Litvinenko would later flee to exile in the UK with his family, where he would write an expose book about, among other things, how FSB agents blew up innocent Russian families in their homes in 1999, to blame it on the Chechens and whip up public support both for Putin's election and his war to reconquer Chechnya; for this, Litvinenko would in 2006, as mentioned in the article, die a horrible, agonizing death, having been poisoned with radioactive Polonium by Putin's agents

The man who oversaw that operation, Andrei Lugovoi, would be made a member of Duma (parliament, granting him total immunity from the law, among other things)

Among his other rewards for a job well done...

It has been suggested that Dorenko may have received all sorts of sensitive info from Litvinenko and the others, all kinds of stuff Putin and other powerful people, in the Kremlin and in the FSB especially, did not want leaking out to the public, about the 1999 explosions, and other things.

He leaves behind five children.

He was first married to Marina Fedorenkova, all the way back in 1980, they met in university

they had daughters Katya (Ekaterina) and Ksenia and youngest - son Prokhor, born in 1999

In 2013, he abruptly left Marina for Yulia Silyavina, a woman from Omsk (Siberia) 25 years younger than him, who, as it turned out, already had two illegitimate daughters from him, older one born in 2010

So... Not a perfect man, by far. But, this kind of thing (unfortunately) is not uncommon among Russian men, damn near half of children over there these days are born outside legitimate marriage, you know...

He was, however, above all else, at least, a brave fighter for the truth. And his adult kids, especially the daughters, are convinced he died for it. They are refusing to believe the "natural causes" theory and are apparently demanding a full investigation of their dad's death. We shall see what comes of that...