Russian troops and missiles are in Libya?

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Jul 2011
RUSSIA is moving troops and missiles into Libya in a bid to enforce a new stranglehold on the West, Theresa May has been warned.

Intelligence chiefs have told the PM that Vladimir Putin wants to make the wartorn North African country “his new Syria”.

And seizing control of the biggest illegal immigration route to Europe is seen as Moscow’s primary goal.

The Sun can reveal that “dozens” of officers from the GRU military spy service as well as its Spetznaz special forces wing are already on the ground in eastern Libya, initially carrying out training and liaison roles.

Two Russian military bases are already now up and running in the coastal towns of Tobruk and Benghazi, using the cover of the controversial Russian private military company the Wagner Group which already has outposts there.

Russia’s devastating Kalibr anti-ship missiles and state of the art S300 air defence missile systems are also now believed to be on the ground in Libya.

The Kremlin has sided with Libya’s most powerful warlord, General Khalifa Haftar, and is also supplying his troops with heavy equipment.

Haftar – who leads the Libyan National Army – is the defacto military ruler of much of Eastern Libya.

If Moscow seizes control of the country’s coastline it could turn on a fresh tidal wave of migrants crossing the Mediterranean “like a tap”, a senior Whitehall source claimed.

The source added: “What Putin is doing in Libya is straight out of his playbook for Syria and Crimea before that.
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General Haftar visiting Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" in the Mediterranean in January of last year

Later last year meeting with Lavrov in Moscow

Also last year, some Russian specialists doing de-mining work in Libya

RSB Group is a Russian private military company, they do a lot of maritime anti-piracy work protecting Russian commercial shipping in Gulf of Aden and such

and also do other missions, for example, provide security at Russian embassy in Baghdad

RSB openly acknowledges on Twitter that they have bases in Libya now, apparently helping to fight terrorism

I have read elsewhere, however, that they are actually there securing, with the aid of Khalifa Haftar's forces, certain oil interests that powerful people in Moscow want to control :)

That said... Mercenaries is one thing.

Russian "private" groups are working all over Africa now, in CAR, where those reporters were killed for snooping around (Russian journalists killed in CAR 'were researching military firm'), and reportedly in Sudan too: UAWire - BBC: 'Russian mercenaries' involved in Sudan conflict

But, S-300 and Kalibr missiles???

I am having trouble buying this...
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Jul 2011
And you still don't think that Putin is an expansionist and imperialist?!?
I think the involvement in Africa is probably less about "empire" and more about enriching himself and his friends off the resources there. But, sure, certainly, they are vying for geopolitical influence there too. They are late to the game, of course; the Europeans are already there, especially the French; the US too; and the Chinese... Everyone's fighting over that big pie, must be a real tasty pie...
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