Russian's Social Media sites per the Report

Oct 2018
Hidden in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s now-public but heavily-redacted “Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election” is a trove of information concerning the plot to use black grassroots organizations to help Donald Trump become America’s 45th president.

The report opens by recounting Russia’s initial intent, which was to “provoke and amplify political and social discord.” The executive summary explains that the campaign to influence the elections eventually evolved into “a targeted operation that by early 2016 favored candidate Trump and disparaged candidate Clinton.”

The two-year investigation discovered that one of the most frequent targets of the Russian effort to hack democracy was the black protest movement. According to the redacted copy of the report, the Russian government created the Internet Research Agency (IRA) to harness social media and internet personas as a means of influencing voters.
Volume I of the report notes:
Initially, the Internet Research Agency IRA created social media accounts that pretended to be the personal accounts of US persons. By early 2015, the Internet Research Agency IRA began to create larger social media groups or public social media pages that claimed (falsely) to be affiliated with U.S. Political and grassroots organizations.
In certain cases, the Internet Research Agency IRA created accounts that mimicked real U.S organizations...
More commonly, the Internet Research Agency IRA created accounts in the names of fictitious organizations and grassroots groups and used these accounts to pose as
1. anti-immigration groups,
2. Tea Party activist,
3. Black Lives Matter protesters
and other U.S. social and political activists.

On Facebook, the Internet Research Agency IRA created groups like
“Black Matters,
“Blacktivist” and
“Don’t Shoot Us,”

To either drum up support for Trump or to denigrate the Hillary Clinton campaign, thereby attempting to suppress the enthusiasm for the Clinton campaign.

In at least one case—the Internet Research AgencyIRA targeted the family of a black activist and “a number of black social justice activists while posing as a grassroots group called “Black Matters US.”

On April 6, 2016, theInternet Research Agency IRA bought Facebook ads for the Black Matters account calling for followers to “take a photo with #HillaryClintonForPrison2016” or “Nohillary2016.”

Russian Agents Used ‘Pokemon Go,’ ‘Don’t Shoot Us’ Campaign To Provoke Civil Discord In Baltimore
Russia-sponsored influence in American politics over the last few years went beyond Facebook and Twitter

a Russia-linked campaign called “Don’t Shoot Us” had accounts on Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr, as well. And individuals behind those accounts allegedly attempted to organize at least two real-world events — protests related to the deaths of Philando Castile and Freddie Gray.

Facebook said last month that it will provide the contents of 3,000 ads bought by a Russian agency to congressional investigators
Report: Russian Agents Used ‘Pokemon Go,’ ‘Don’t Shoot Us’ Campaign To Provoke Civil Discord In Baltimore

I think I heard of 'Don't Shoot Me', it spread...just like Russia wanted.
May 2012
By the wall
So Russia was releasing ads that were exactly similar to what the republicans were already releasing yet you folks want us to believe that the republican ads had no effect but the Russian one's did?

Is that a correct assessment?