Saint Michelle Cashes in, Big Time

Dec 2014
If they didn't do books for the money, the book price would be at cost.

I only hate one person, my ex wife. I don't hate Obama, I consider him a spitting image of Tony Blair; a snivelling slime ball that talks utter bollocks.
Ok, I take that back. At least Obama didn't fall for the fake dossier like Blair did (so did our Howard).

Anyway, every widely distributed book is published for profit. Even ancient historians like myself publish for the dough.
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Nov 2014
North Carolina

Trump is despised for many reasons, one being that he's ignorant and that he mocks what he doesn't understand. Here is him mocking GHWB with regard to his speech on Americans volunteering. Notable is that Bush was sending out a message of civic duty and charity, which Trump mocked, and Trump replaced it with a message of his campaign slogan and "America first" xenophobia.
And I'm sure the individual in question here who was being dismissed as having a "small mind" due to his hate of the Obamas has his own reasons as well. So everyone is going to believe their own hatreds are justified.

So I'm not sure what your point is.

My point was be careful when you dismiss hate as being the product of a small mind - especially when you have so many people hating on President Trump here on this board. Because you are calling a lot of people small-minded. ^^
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Oct 2013
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This shows that the Obama's are all about the money and in the Democrats and liberal media's eyes they are still the messiah's of the democrat party that can do no wrong

Saint Michelle Cashes in, Big Time
I don't think she's violated any laws by writing her memoirs so there shouldn't be any issue with her. Their wealth generated by writing books and giving speeches whereas trumps monies have been in some cases through questionable business practices (of which some he has been called out on), so IMO there is no comparison between the two.
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Jul 2011
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Our kids are no longer tormented by Michelle the control freak
OMG, at times you are just so fucking funny! TORMENTED???? It's torture to have to wait until you get home from school to guzzle all the chocolate milk and deep fried corn dogs, or whatever, you want? :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
Talk about snowflakes!
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