Sanders supporters are starting a "People's Party"

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Time for a new party? Yes or no?

Bernie Sanders may have lost the Democratic presidential nomination last year, but it appears he hasn’t lost the ardent support of his fan base. Some people who were “feeling the Bern,” including members of the Vermont senator’s campaign staff, certain delegates and a group of volunteers began a campaign Thursday for Sanders to spearhead his own political party.

“Draft Bernie for a People’s Party” is aimed at transforming Sanders’ amorphous, widespread support base into a new, concrete political party. The proposed party said it intends to mobilize opposition to President Donald Trump. Sanders’ presidential campaign catalyzed a movement, and there’s evidence that many voters became disillusioned with the Democratic party after it threw its support behind Hillary Clinton as the nominee instead of Sanders. Fourteen million voters changed their affiliation from Democrat to independent in the wake of the election, according to a Gallup poll. The new party will attempt to gather those voters into a “permanent working class party.”

If Sanders starts a new party, we would begin with a least half of the Democratic base. Then we would add independents, anti-establishment voters, the white working class, young voters, third party supporters, people who’ve given up on the political process, and many conservatives who just want a decent life. Now we’ve got something far larger than the Democratic and Republican parties. The campaign plans to challenge districts in the 2018 midterm elections and put up its own presidential candidate in 2020.
Sanders? Campaign Staff, Delegates, And Volunteers Launch 'Draft Bernie For A People?s Party' | The Huffington Post