Santa Fe store clerk calls 911 on pre-med student—'because he's black'

Sep 2012
There really are people out there, in Trump's America, this racist and stupid.

Santa Fe store clerk calls 911 on pre-med student—'because he's black'
As he wandered the aisles looking for other snacks, he realized that the unnamed clerk, whom I’ll call Racist Rhonda because I’m fresh out of candy puns, was watching his every move.

McDowell whipped out his phone and hit “record,” like any seasoned person of color would in today’s racist-ass climate.

Racist Rhonda then called 911, in an utter waste of an emergency dispatcher’s time. The video only shows one side of the conversation, of course, but thankfully, it’s the important side.

“I want him out of the store right now. Because he’s being arrogant. Because he’s black.”


Racist Rhonda, who remains unnamed and still had a job as recently as Tuesday, seems to have a very different recollection of Friday night’s events.

KRQE News 13 spoke to the employee seen in McDowell’s video at the store Tuesday. The employee denied speaking of McDowell’s race. After KRQE News 13 showed the employee the video clip, she continued to deny speaking of McDowell’s race, then refused to speak any further about the incident.

Allsup’s corporate office has refused to comment; however, a man—identifying himself as the store manager—told KRQE that the employee’s behavior was “unacceptable.”

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August 10 · 06:27:56 PM

This is the prime directive of the GOP make as many people hate other people as possible and blame Democrats for supporting the people you now hate.
They want Whites to hate everyone else, Asians to hate Blacks, Blacks to hate Mexicans, every Christian to hate anything Non Christian of Any Color or persuasion, and everyone to hate Scientists for telling the Truth.

The GOP platform is 100% about hate/fear and nothing to do with Working Together to Make America Great Again.
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Oh, but Dotard is reformed. Just look at his tweet today:

Donald J. Trump‏
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7h7 hours ago

The riots in Charlottesville a year ago resulted in senseless death and division. We must come together as a nation. I condemn all types of racism and acts of violence. Peace to ALL Americans!
That is one of about 8 tweets he issued today all others of which had FBI (with negatives attached), Witch Hunt or Mueller in them. Also, the actual grammar and big words actually strewn together in a rational manner makes me highly suspicious that someone dictated or typed it for him.

The guy remains an unfunny joke.
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Why are we calling this woman "Rhonda?"

She does not look or sound like a 'Rhonda' to me, just saying. Since the topic here is race, I will cut to the chase and ask what color is the lady in this video?

No offense, but I've fallen victim one to many times to believing a story when I don't know all the facts. Was this lady talking about the young man making this about race when she said "because he's black?" Or was she seriously suggesting that he be arrested for BEING black?
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