Sarah Palin Sued for Divorce

Jul 2011
Now the old hag can go out and start another dysfunctional family.

Speaking of hypocrites @HayJenn how come you are ok with all these sexist posts? You got into hysterics over me calling posts men and women hysterical, called me sexist for it, as if that makes sense.

Meanwhile you got men calling a woman and her kids whore, slut, and now hag.

Are you cool with that jenn?
Jul 2011
Since there is no way to disable the @ feature with the new forum updates, please stop using that feature when it comes to me. It's just flame-baiting.


Nope. I will use it as I see fit, and yes you can disable it. If council says stop using it, I will.

The mention feature is not flame baiting, you are just being petty, i use it so you know im talking about your posts

Can you answer any of my questions?

Is it “flame baiting” an official, unofficial warning?
Dec 2018
the Heart of America
I choose to be attracted to attractive women. But if you’re into watching Todd’s hairy asshole and balls bouncing up and down as he pounds her roast beef wizard’s sleeve, have at it.
Your choice of imagry is interesting. Although not all people who have homosexual fantasies are homosexual, I confess I've never had a fantasy like yours. When I think of a "Sarah Palin sex tape" I'm thinking of her naked and masterbating in bed as foreplay. If a person wants to focus on the male or denigrate the female with terms like "roast beef wizard's sleeve", that is their right to say. You have your fantasies, I have mine. No judgement here. Each to their own.


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