Sarah Sanders, good for business!


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Apr 2007
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I think she did that in front of her house. They were picketing him.:)
I love encountering elected officials and asking them specific questions about what they're not doing for me.

BTW, I saw my FIRST MAGA hat in real life yesterday morning. Older guy in some kind of giant vest with lots of event patches. Gave him a big grin.
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May 2019
BoiseBo said:

Well this deserves a good bump. At the time Gateway Pundit and Breitbart told us that business was so bad they may have to close. Not that we believed it of course. If the lying B sets foot in your establishment, be sure to get it all on video!. :D

Wonder what happened at the one Mitch was insulted?
I just checked. There are 3 Havana Rumba restaurants in Louisville. They appear to still be in operation.

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