Satanic Temple: 1 - Phoenix City Council: 0


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For weeks now, Phoenix lawmakers have wrestled with the idea of allowing members of a Satanic group to give the invocation before an upcoming city meeting.

Phoenix City Council members arrived Wednesday at a controversial solution: Banning prayer altogether.

From now on, lawmakers decided in a 5-4 vote, council meetings will no longer begin with a traditional prayer, but instead open with a moment of silence.

Although the decision may block the Satanic Temple’s Feb. 17 invocation, it prompted outcries from some Phoenix residents and city officials who believe the prayer ban is a de facto victory for the Satanists.
Council members had been expected to vote on a proposal intended to block the Satanists but keep prayer at meetings. Last week, four councilmen introduced a plan to let the mayor and council members take turns inviting different religious groups to give the prayer. Their aim: Indirectly uninvite the Satanists.

City Attorney Brad Holm said that would be a violation of the First Amendment, if applied retroactively. Holm said the city cannot change its invocation practice to specifically block Michelle Shortt, a temple member from Tucson expected to give the prayer.

However, Holm said the city could not allow anyone to give a spoken prayer going forward if it immediately adopts a “moment of silent prayer.” That way the city would not be excluding minority religious groups in order to favor a more widely held viewpoint, he said.

"But mayor and council cannot decide that this woman would not be allowed to offer her spoken prayer," Holm said, noting the Satanists had indicated they would sue. "Our view as the city's attorney's office and my view personally as the city attorney is that we would be likely to lose that case."

Phoenix City Council votes to end prayers at meetings
Looks like the Satanic Temple backed the City Council into a corner they couldn't get out of.
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I think we can expect many more such incidents if our elected officials continue to attempt to turn this country into a theocracy.
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Looks like the Satanic Temple backed the City Council into a corner they couldn't get out of.
I LOVE these people of the Satanic Temple.. Fucking BRILLIANT!!!

I am a HUGE supporter of the Satanic Church...

My daughter and I both read the Satanic Bible and LOVE the ideas in it.

It is the ULTIMATE Libertarian Religion. and just so you all know, it has NOTHING to do with Satan. :D

I do LOVE how they scarred them into NOT allowing any prayer... LOLLZZZZ..
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