Scandal-scarred Roy Moore announces new Senate bid, despite GOP protests

May 2012
By the wall
A long time ago. Remember Moore was unseated TWICE from Alabama's highest court for his actions. With that said, that doesn't explain DJT's full support of Moore back in December 2017.

With politicians it doesn't matter what they said in the past it matters what they say now.

They are and have to, constantly evolve.

As the needs of the nation change so must their opinions.

Both Obama and Hillary said marriage was between a man and a woman as late as 2010 but they changed because the nation changed so I don't hold that against them.

Trump supported this guy at one time but now he does not and that is all that matters.
Jan 2016
And if trump liked him so would you.
Spookycolt has all the firmness of Gumby, I assure you. He was for Roy Moore (post #2) until he heard that Trump was against him (post #3). Then Spookycolt decided that he, too, must be against Roy Moore (post #4). However, if Roy Moore were to succeed in winning the Republican Senate nomination in the great and enlightened state of Alabama, and if Donald Trump then calculated that he must once again endorse Roy Moore against the evil Democrats (post #5), why then, Spookycolt would once again have to change his mind, and be back to supporting Roy Moore (post #2).

A fine, fine merry-go-round, as Roy Moore chases the little girls around on their ponies, hoping to catch one or two!!
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