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Apr 2015
Meet Butch Matthews, A Republican Who Came To Love Obamacare After Realizing It Will Save Him $13,000

Meet Butch Matthews, A Republican Who Came To Love Obamacare After Realizing It Will Save Him $13,000 | ThinkProgress
So Obamacare is paying people $13,000 a year not to work, that is $13,000 a year added to the deficit and debt for everyone one of those people. He has assets and could pay for his own health care, but now doesn't have to spend his own cash.

I do not work now, I’m 61, and we do have assets saved up. But still, to come up with that $1,069 per month….” he said, trailing off. “I went to Blue Cross Blue Shield, and they don’t even sell that plan anymore, but I could not change it to anything else. So I was locked in with it.”

That all changed once Obamacare’s state-level marketplaces opened to the public on Tuesday. Matthews knew that, at his income level, the law would help him pay for insurance. But even he might not have expected just how good of a deal he could get: his new coverage will cost him absolutely nothing in monthly premiums after factoring in federal subsidies, and has a deductible of $750.
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Sep 2017
Try to focus. I've already said that since Obamacare life expectancy rose in some years and fell in others. The point I'm making isn't that there were no years when it declined. The point is that it rose more than it fell, and the net increase outpaced other leading nations, such that we rose up the international rankings several spots, and eliminated 2/3 of the EU's lead over us. Do you have a response to that, or is this just a case where the only years that exist for you are the years that harmonize with your prejudices?
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As I mentioned in another thread, I'm currently paying $1685/mo for my family's insurance through COBRA. Insurers won't allow us to buy alternate insurance, because my wife has a minor medical condition that hasn't resulted in more than a few lab tests over the past dozen years.

Once the Obamacare clause that concerns pre-existing conditions kicks in this January, we can buy independently, dropping the price to about $1000/mo, saving us about $8000 annually.

There are some gourd-headed individuals who will whine that taxpayers are on the hook for making my care more affordable. Good. My taxes funded some incredibly wasteful wars. I'm glad to see taxes, including my own, used to keep people healthy for a change.
Yeah...that national security thingy is so pesky...
Jan 2011
Boise, Idaho
Thanks for that & it amazes men why Repubs & some nasty PHers want to deny their fellow Americans affordable health insurance for their families??
I really don't get the level of ill will that exists on the far right??
It wasn't denied to many of was completely removed when they priced working class out (specifically the self employed). My wife and I would have to pay out of pocket over 15k to begin getting benefits, that is AFTER and well above the monthly 1200...The Obamacare co pay was regular docs office visit is 80 TOTAL.