Schoolkids hacked TV at mall food court lol

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Jul 2011
About a week ago, someone apparently hacked the smart TV at the food court of "Aeropark" shopping center in Russian city of Bryansk, and made it show porn videos, instead of the usual advertising and such lol

Damn Russian media, always blurring out and otherwise censoring the most interesting content haha

Anyway, today, the police there, in Bryansk, announced they'd found the culprits, couple local teen boys lmao

It's not, by far, the first such incident over there; here is a mall in St. Petersburg in 2017, for example


Too many tech smart kids, bored, with little else to do ;)

That mall, in Bryanks, btw, seems to have lots of all sorts of incidents with young people, overall (like most malls, over there, to be fair...)

Video from there, same mall, last year, couple badass female store employees chase down a young man who lifted an expensive jacket from their place:
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