See what our government does to black men with legal guns

Sep 2012
So this is happening...

See what our government does to black men with legal guns

Balogun seems to be
the first person targeted and prosecuted under a secretive US surveillance effort to track so-called “black identity extremists”. In a leaked August 2017 report from the FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Analysis Unit, officials claimed that there had been a “resurgence in ideologically motivated, violent criminal activity” stemming from African Americans’ “perceptions of police brutality”.

It is disheartening that the term "perceptions of police brutality" is being used. That police brutally attack black men more than anyone else is not a perception. It is a fact. Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a direct result of that reality.

It is sad that while the FBI destroyed Balogun's life, they treated Cliven Bundy, a real criminal, with kit gloves.
I wrote about open carry and who really can in the article "Let’s be real about guns, safety, open carry, and privilege (VIDEO)" and about an easy way to get sensible gun control in this country.

Christopher Daniels aka Rakem Balogun was no bum. He worked for an IT company. Because of the arrest, he lost his home, his car, and his job. Does anyone think the government will make amends? This FBI act is a scare tactic intent on suggesting to some that they should remain passive. Activating is existential.
Black activist jailed for his Facebook posts speaks out about secret FBI surveillance

FBI terrorism unit says 'black identity extremists' pose a violent threat
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