selling waters as a kid while black?

the watchman

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Jul 2011
becoming more and more

mods can move this to humor if ya want. I couldn't make my mind up where it should go. But yeah, who calls the cops on an eight year old?


May 2014
Calling the cops was an over-reaction (and I bet she wishes she could take it back based on what's happened since.)

I can understand being perturbed by the noise if she was trying to work. But the answer to that would/should have been to speak to the girl and her mother - try and reach some sort of understanding (and maybe buy a couple bottles of water in the process.) The sorts of things that good neighbors do -- or used to, anyway. People have lost that mentality it seems, and it's a shame.

I also think it's sad if she's attempted to apologize but they won't accept her apology.
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Jan 2014
Except that is not the only incident, now is it?
Mr. Gaffer,

Sorry, yes, I see what you mean. There are instances of racism by supposedly super tolerance super liberals all over the super liberal city of San Francisco. But we are only talking about one.
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