SENATE has enough votes to block SAUDI ARMS SALE by TRUMP!

Jul 2015
Of course, McConnnell says he WILL vote for it--for the SAUDI ARMS SALE, that is. Stay tuned.​
Senators clinch votes to rebuke Trump on Saudi arms sale
Senators have locked in the votes needed for an initial move to block President Trump’s Saudi arms sales, paving the way for a high-stakes veto showdown.​
The Senate is expected to take up the 22 resolutions of disapproval as soon as next week, to block each of the sales, after Trump invoked an emergency provision under the Arms Export Control Act to push through the sales without a congressional review period.​
Because lawmakers are challenging the sales under the same law, they need only a simple majority to send the resolutions to the president.​
With all 47 members of the Democratic caucus expected to support the resolutions, they needed to win over at least four Senate Republicans to have the simple majority needed to send the resolution to the House, where Democrats have pledged to follow suit with blocking the sales.​
Three GOP senators — Sens. Rand Paul (Ky.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Todd Young (Ind.) — signed on as sponsors when the resolutions were rolled out last week. A spokesman on Tuesday confirmed that Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) has signed on as a co-sponsor, giving Democrats their crucial fourth vote.​
The unprecedented move to block the sales reflects growing frustration on Capitol Hill about the U.S.-Saudi relationship and would come after two votes fell short in recent years to block arms deals with Saudi Arabia. One, in 2016, garnered support from only 27 senators. The other, in June 2017, had the backing of 47 senators.
Jul 2011
WE should stop sending arms to the mid east period. Stop droning them, stop bombing them, bring our troops home.
Jul 2015
You gotta go back to before the 1st bush, it was clinton who desired "Regime change", it all went south from there with BOTH parties.
AND DIDN'T! Surely you understand the DIFFERENCE. Surely you understand that DIPLOMACY 101 is to keep the bad guys in the SPOTLIGHT, shining light so they don't/can't make a move. 'The world is watching. WE are watching.' Seriously! That is precisely why he did it then!

This CARNAGE, CHAOS and humanitarian CRISIS is precisely why GEORGE 41 didn't march into Baghdad.
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