Senior House Democrat plans to skip Trump's speech to Congress

Dec 2015
In Your Heart!
Democrats will be showing true diplomacy unlike their Republican counterparts during President Obama's speech. And of course Trump will attempt to take credit for all through his egotistical self-aggrandisement. Let's see how he handles that tonight.


Senior House Democrat plans to skip Trump's speech to Congress - ABC News

"The president is not going to say what I want him to say," Waters told ABC News in an interview after the meeting. "He's going to take credit for everything."
"During a closed door meeting with House Democrats Tuesday, Pelosi urged her colleagues to be on their best behavior, saying they should not be "out-classed" by Donald Trump, according to her office."
"I think we have to deal with this in the utmost dignity. We cannot become them; we don't like what they did to our president," she told Democrats, as first reported in Politico and later confirmed to ABC. "We cannot be out-classed by Donald Trump. That would be the worst of all outcomes."
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Jun 2016
I think Maxine is in the minority on this...or, at least according to what I just heard on the radio.

Still, I can't help but guffaw when I hear people talk about respecting "the office of the presidency." Can't think of anything that denigrates it more than the lunatic currently occupying it.
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Mar 2012
New Hampshire
I actually would prefer to see everyone show up for all speeches. Not showing up is weak sauce. Instead I would prefer a British parliamentary style where people could shout or yell if they choose. Not showing up just paves the way for nobody to ever show up again in the future for any president. Face them and let them have it. lol
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the watchman

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Jul 2011
becoming more and more
didn't like it when people boycotted Obama's addresses to Congress or even Bush. Even though, I recognize that Waters has her reasons and they all seem to be perfectly legitimate. I'd prefer she took a page out of Michelle Obama's playbook. "When they go low....we go high".

Just sayin.
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Nov 2009
on the river
They're worried about not being 'out classed' by Trump....after Maxine called his administration a bunch of "scumbags"

that ship has sailed, buttercups.
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Jul 2014
Good for Pelosi for encouraging civility.

What is Waters accomplishing, other than trying to draw attention to herself?

Then again, drawing attention to herself may be the goal, eh?