Sexiest women of Putin TV

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Jul 2011
These are the ladies who, pretty much, keep millions of men in Russia and even out here in the diaspora, watching the various state-owned TV channels from there and their "news" shows... Myself included... lol

Valeria Gavrilovskaya

She hosts the "ChP" segment on NTV (Russia's largest "private" channel, actually owned and ran by Gazprom), an acronym for "Emergency Occurrences", which is what the show focuses on, crime reports and emergency situations.

She did a photo-shoot for Russian version of "Maxim" gentlemen's magazine few months ago


Elena Mikhalkovskaya, LifeNews

Came to Moscow from Belarus in 2014 to work in media there.

Her ample bosom very quickly made her famous

A year later, she was voted, online, in Top 10 hottest anchors on Russian TV :D

Anna Kasterova, Russia-1 and 2 state propaganda channels

Former professional model

Ksenia Demidova, Russia 24 (an offshoot of R1)

Hottest woman on Russian TV today, according to many. The photo speaks for itself, in that regard hehehe She is the one who reports on economics for her channel and there is a kind of joke that they let her read out the latest ruble exchange rates

because hearing it from her, it doesn't sound so bad, especially to the men lol

R24 actually has some of the most beautiful TV women over there overall, like Maria Morgun

Maria Bondareva

Maria Belova, their entertainment/celebrity news reporter, who is also married to famous rapper Alexander Tarasov aka T-killah (idiotic stage name, I know lmao That's rapper for ya...)

And Ekaterina Gracheva

They set the standard, you might say hehe

Yulia Zimina, Russia 1 (morning news)

Aside from her anchor gig, she's also acted in a few soap operas.

She been likened to the legendary Italian actress Sophia Loren in her prime; and last year did a photoshoot emulating her

Marina Kim, Russia 1

The exotic beauty. Grew up in Leningrad/St. Petersburg. Mother, Valeria (nee Savina) is ethnic Russian, father, Evgeny Kim, is Koryo Saram (Russian Korean)

That's about ti, for now lol Enjoy. Not the first such thread I make, likely not the last. Always lots of gorgeous women on TV over there, all to sweeten the propaganda and bs they push so people swallow it all more easily. Imagine if all of US television was like Fox news. That's Russian media, these days haha

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